Guidelines for calculating the size of the Bollard Cover you need

Diameter Measures

Bollard Cover Needed



4.5” or less

4.5” Bollard Cover

Greater than 4.5” but less than 7”

7” Bollard Cover

Greater than 7” but less than 8.875”

8.875” Bollard Cover

Greater than 8.875” but less than 10.875”

10.875” Bollard Cover

Greater than 10.875” but less than 13”

12.75” Bollard Cover





How to measure

Using a measuring tape, first measure the height from the base on the ground to the top of the post. If the top is round, be sure to measure to the very top point.

Then measure the diameter of the post. If the post is flat at the top, place the measuring tape across the widest area of the post. If the post top is round, measure the circumference (distance around the post) and divide by 3.14.

It is recommended that the cover be at least 3” taller than the post or bollard. Additional foam strips available for a tighter fit.